Finding the right Family lawyer

Finding the right family lawyer is a very important part of dealing with any family problem. By definition, separation, divorce, children and domestic abuse are very sensitive issues and it is vital that you feel comfortable with and trust your lawyer.

A good first step is to check your chosen lawyer is a member of Resolution – this is the family lawyers’ association and means they have had training and subscribe to the code of conduct for Resolution. There is quite a lot to it but essentially it means that they commit not to creating unnecessary confrontation, upset or cost. All of our family department lawyers are members of Resolution.

Beyond that, it is mainly a question of checking out your chosen lawyer and making sure you are comfortable with them. The best way forward is for you to call us, have a chat on the phone (which is entirely confidential and free from any commitment or cost) and see how you get on. We will allocate the best lawyer for you when you phone up but will not be offended if you have a preference for a male or female lawyer, or if you want to speak to somebody else – we just want you to be comfortable and confident.

All of our family department specialise purely in family law. They have to keep their skills sharp, with continuous training through the year and we are reviewed every month to ensure we provide the best possible service.

Different members of the department have different specializations and qualifications. Tim Melville-Walker, who is a Partner and head of department, has recently achieved re-accreditation as a Resolution specialist. Resolution specialist accreditation is one of the two competing highest “quality marks” that exist for a family lawyer in this country – the other is to be a member of the Law Society Advanced Family Law Panel, which Tim already has as well.

You can find the individual profiles of the lawyers in our family department below and if you have any queries, please do give us a call on either 01730 268211 (Petersfield) or 01730 816711 (Midhurst).

Tim Melville-Walker

Emily Bull