Debt Recovery and Enforcement


Recovering money that is owed by an individual or a company is not always straightforward and clients are understandably mindful of the commercial realities of taking action, often against evasive debtors. We offer an efficient and cost effective debt recovery service both for businesses of all sizes, as well as to individuals. We are able to tailor the service our clients require to their individual needs.

Our considerable experience in this area means that we are able to advise our clients as to the merits of pursuing a debt from a third party, including providing a realistic assessment as to the prospects of successfully enforcing a Court Judgment obtained against a debtor. We work closely with specially selected enquiry agents, process servers and bailiffs in order to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

We are able to deal with matters at every stage, from preparing the initial letters of claim to the issuing of Court proceedings and representation at Court and ultimate enforcement of a Judgment obtained. Frequently, unpaid debts are recovered after just one initial letter from our Debt Recovery and Enforcement team.

Above all, we recognise the need to not only act speedily and effectively but also tactfully and we will work with our clients so as to ensure that wherever possible they can retain the existing business relationship in what might otherwise be a difficult situation.

In the event that further action is required to pursue recovery of a debt following judgment having been obtained at Court we are able to advise our clients about, and instigate, appropriate enforcement action. If necessary this may include seeking the bankruptcy or liquidation of the debtor.

Where we believe that we can add value to our clients’ businesses, our Debt Recovery and Enforcement team works in conjunction with our Commercial team in order to ensure that our business clients’ terms and conditions are well drafted and to check that effective credit control procedures are in place. In this way we can assist our clients in taking practical steps to try and avoid bad debts arising in the future.