10th February 2014

MIAMS: Mediation information and Assessment Meetings

We are pleased to announce that Hazel Manktelow, our Resolution trained family mediator, is now able to offer MIAMS.  Before any family application is issued in the court there is an expectation that the parties should have attended a MIAMS meeting.  It is expected that from April 2014 it will be compulsory for parties to attend a MIAMS before they are allowed to issue an application in the court in relation to a family matter.

The purpose of the MIAMS is to provide information about mediation, to explain what can be expected from the process and to provide information on other appropriate methods of family dispute resolution including collaborative law, solicitor led negotiations and litigation.  It is also to signpost clients, where necessary, to other ancillary services and most importantly, to assist the clients in making an informed decision as to their wish to mediate or not.  Once a person has attended a MIAMS they can decide whether they would wish to proceed with mediation or, in the event they decide mediation is not appropriate for them, Hazel can complete form FM1 which can be submitted to the court with the court application.

If you require any further information about this service please contact Hazel Manktelow on 01730 268211, email: hazelmanktelow@macdonaldoates.co.uk.