21st January 2020

Voluntary First Registration

Is your property registered at HM Land Registry?

Registration of title deeds establishes proof of ownership and produces an easy-to-read document, reflecting the contents of all the relevant documents relating to the property. This simplifies conveyancing procedures, often making the transaction easier and quicker, and potentially less costly for all involved.   

All title information is kept on the Land Registry database reducing the need to store old and often unclear deeds. The register can be viewed quickly and securely online.

Protect your property against fraud

By registering your title, you are able to provide up to three contact addresses should anyone need to contact you regarding your property. Registration also provides better protection against any claims for adverse possession.

Property Alert

You can also sign up to HM Land Registry’s ‘Property Alert’ service, which means that if anyone tries to change the register for the property, you will be alerted.

Our fees

For straightforward first registrations, our legal fees start from £600 plus VAT. We will always review your title deeds and provide you with an estimate of costs at the outset.

HM Land Registry fees

The Land Registry’s fees for voluntary first registration are based on the market value of the land and buildings and the Land Registry are currently offering a discount of up to 25% on the full cost of first registration where applications are lodged voluntarily.

For further information on applying for first registration of your property or if you would like to check whether your property is registered, please contact Rosie Taylor in the Residential Property team on 01730 816711 or email . MacDonald Oates LLP also has offices in Petersfield, Hampshire.

This article is for general information only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Please note that the law may have changed since this article was published.