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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is a process designed to help couples who have decided to divorce or separate to discuss matters and to decide their own and their families’ futures. Supported and prepared by our family team, mediation involves just the parties – no lawyers (except in some specialist mediations) – sitting down with a neutral expert to reach your own decisions. Mediators may bring in financial and other experts as needed to help find the optimal solution.

Even after Court proceedings have commenced parties are encouraged to consider mediation and it is open to couples to mediate at any time during the Court process.

There are many advantages of mediation and we advocate parties attempting to mediate wherever possible, in order to resolve their differences in a timely, cost effective manner wherever possible. Not only can mediation help couples maintain their relationship as parents if they have children, but with the right mediator the process can allow more creative solutions to problems to be found for the benefit of the whole family.

Proper legal advice is an integral part of the mediation process, but beyond that we can help to find the right mediator for your situation: we have links with all the leading local mediators, and can help you choose one with the right skills, experience and approach.

Mediation is not right for everyone, but all members of our family team are experienced in identifying when a case is suitable for mediation, and supporting you through the process. If the idea of mediation  appeals, but being on your own with the other party sounds daunting, you could also consider collaborative law, but we always explore ALL options to resolve a case before embarking on the agreed approach. Do also see some of the other options for avoiding court.


What our clients say…

Excellent service throughout, very patient, good information at all times, easy to communicate with – friendly.




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