Collaborative law

Like mediation and arbitration, collaborative law gives you an alternative to court action – such as where children live – when a relationship breaks down.

Under the collaborative law process, you each appoint your own lawyers, specially trained in collaborative law. You then all meet to work through and resolve the issues together. It means you can talk about things face to face, with your lawyers there to support and advise you at every stage. Neutral experts, such as financial advisers or child care specialists, can be brought in to the process as needed to ensure the best result.  Before the talks start, you and your lawyers all sign an agreement committing to resolving the issues without going to court. As collaborative law is so open and frank, your collaborative lawyer is not allowed  to represent you if you do end up starting court proceedings.

We have lawyers within our Family Law team  who are trained in collaborative law by Resolution;  we are also members of several local groups, or ‘pods’ of collaborative lawyers, so we can get things moving quickly for you.

Collaborative law is not appropriate in every case, and our Family Law team will look carefully at your situation and help you decide if  it is the right option for you.

To find out more about collaborative law, please contact our Family Law team.

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