Professional Negligence Claims

Making a professional negligence claim against an accountant, architect, engineer, insurance broker, surveyor, valuer – and, yes, even a solicitor – can be complex and rather daunting. But if you have suffered loss or damages because a professional  did not do their job properly,  we are here to help you.

We have a team of experienced specialists who all belong to the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA). Wherever possible, we’ll try to resolve the claim by negotiation or dispute resolution procedure, such as mediation or arbitration. If that proves impossible, we work closely with leading barristers’ chambers, and have an excellent track record in bringing successful professional negligence claims in court. Before we take any action, we will advise you on the specifics and overall merit of your claim, and options for funding the claims process.

To discuss a potential professional negligence claim, and your options for finding a satisfactory resolution, please contact us.

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