Tag: Settlement Agreements

MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
15th June 2017

We have previously highlighted that Workplace Mediation can be one way of resolving disagreements in the workplace. However, in some cases, a Settlement Agreement may be one sensible option for both parties to consider and they are ...

MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
21st August 2015

There are a number of ways that you, as an employer, can try to resolve internal disputes. Disputes can vary from misunderstandings and disagreements to formal grievances which can involve complaints of bullying or discrimination and ...

MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
15th July 2013

  Settlement Agreements and Pre-termination negotiations Some employers may be familiar with Compromise Agreements, whereby the employee signs an Agreement in return for a sum of money and agrees not to make any further claims against ...