MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
27th April 2017

We take a look at some recent cases on this area around service provision changes. The definition of Service Provision Change (SPC) is found at Regulation 3(1)(b) of TUPE and is as follows: (i) activities cease to be carried out by a ...

MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
8th September 2016

This is an age old question and, from an employment lawyer’s view, it is one of the first questions to be asked with any commercial transaction: is it a TUPE transfer or not? But for those clients new to TUPE, their first question is ...

MacDonald Oates LLP Solicitors
4th June 2014

ACAS has this week published guidance for employers on how to handle TUPE transfers. Although it runs to 74 pages, it is helpful as a starting point with some useful examples. If you are not familiar with TUPE it refers to the Transfer ...