Professional Negligence Claims


We handle all types of professional negligence claims but in particular those involving claims against accountants, architects, engineers, insurance brokers, solicitors, surveyors and valuers.

All members of our team belong to the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (“PNLA”).

Our team has had considerable success recovering compensation for clients at Trial, although where possible we seek to achieve an early resolution of the claim either by negotiation with the negligent party or their insurers, or by pursuing an alternate dispute resolution procedure, such as mediation or arbitration.

In order to succeed in a negligence claim it is necessary to prove that the professional owed a duty of reasonable care and skill, the duty was breached and that loss and damage has been suffered as a result. There are also frequently issues that arise concerning the limitation period for bringing a claim or the claimant’s duty to mitigate their loss. These are specific areas that we are able to advise our clients about.

Claims of negligence against professionals are often complex and we therefore provide our clients with an early assessment of the merits of their claim before substantial costs are incurred. We are also able to advise upon alternative funding options which might be available to pursue such claims, including After the Event Insurance, Third Party Funding and in appropriate cases, Conditional Fee Agreements.

As part of the tailored service we offer our clients are also able to benefit from the excellent links we have with the leading Barristers Chambers we regularly instruct, which specialise in claims against professionals.