11th October 2012

Mediation Service Re-Launched

Hazel Manktelow, our Resolution trained Mediator has recently returned from maternity leave and we are therefore pleased to confirm that we are once again able to provide a family law mediation service.

Many separating families are realising that there are more constructive ways to deal with the changes their family is facing than using the traditional method of each instructing their own solicitor in what can be an adversarial approach.

For separating families mediation can be a much more effective way to make decisions about how the children’s time with each parent is to be shared, what is to happen to the home, how other finances are to be dealt with. Mediation puts the parties in control, they set the agenda of what is to be considered at mediation, matters are discussed directly and mediation can mean outcomes are reached more swiftly. In addition, mediation can significantly reduce the legal costs incurred.

At MacDonald Oates we are committed to finding a solution that meets your needs and we are delighted to once again be able to offer this alternative dispute resolution service to those in need of family law assistance.

We also welcome Hazel back to the family department. Hazel joined MacDonald Oates in 2005, having qualified as a family law solicitor in 2003. Prior to qualifying as a solicitor Hazel had spent 7 years as a para-legal with her previous firm, gaining significant experience in family law before qualifying.

If you would like to know more about mediation then please contact Hazel on 01730 816711.