1st April 2015

New employment rates for April 2015

As usual, rates such as statutory maternity pay and statutory sick pay, together with compensation limits in the Tribunal, will be increased as from 6 April this year.

We have updated our guide to the current rate and limits, which can be found here.

A couple of changes to note are:

  • Due to the new system of Share Parental Leave coming in to force, additional paternity leave and pay will not be available in respect to babies whose expected week of confinement (EWC) is on or after 5 April 2015. However, additional paternity leave and pay will remain in place for parents of children with an EWC before 5 April 2015.


  • From 5 April 2015, statutory adoption pay will be payable at two different rates:
    • For the first six weeks, at the earnings-related rate. This is 90% of the employee’s normal weekly earning
    • For the remaining 33 weeks, at either the prescribed rate (see the table) or the earnings-related rate, whichever is lower. The new system will apply where the adoption pay period begins on or after 5 April 2015


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