9th May 2016

A new breakthrough in family law

We are pleased to report that Tim Melville-Walker, the head of our family department, has become one of the first lawyers in the country to qualify as an arbitrator for children matters.

Tim has been a family law arbitrator for some years and indeed was one of the first to qualify as an arbitrator. The Family Law Arbitration Scheme essentially allows family law matters that parties cannot agree themselves to be swiftly decided (and it can be by phone, skype or just by papers: the parties decide)  without going to the court.

The  family law arbitration scheme is about to be expanded to allow arbitrators to deal with children matters, such as where children should live (child arrangement/residence orders), how often parents or others should see them (contact) and which school they should go to etc. (specific issue and prohibited steps orders). Tim was a member of the very first group of arbitrators to undertake the new training and  examination.

The children arbitration scheme does not go live until later this year but Tim felt this is such a valuable tool for families that he wanted to be sure we can provide the service at the earliest possible date.

Family law arbitration is one of a number of tools available to keep family disputes out of the courts.

You can find more detail on our website at our pages about arbitration and alternatives to court, or alternatively you can speak to Tim on 01730 816711, or Emily Bull on 01730 268211.