7th April 2022

April 2022 updates – a quick reference guide to the change in rates

We have put together a guide to the current rates and compensation limits.

Please click here to view or print the pdf guide, or see below. If you require advice on how these are applied or you need advice any other employment law or HR topic, please do get in touch.

Statutory payments for different types of leave

Maternity, paternity and adoptionFrom 3 April 2022
Statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay£156.66 per week or 90% of employee’s average weekly earnings, whichever is lower.
SicknessFrom 6 April 2022
Statutory Sick Pay£99.35 each week (previously £96.35)

National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage

National Minimum WageFrom 1 April 2022
Age 21 – 22£9.18 per hour
Age 18 – 20£6.83 per hour
Under 18£4.81 per hour
Apprentices£4.81 per hour
National Living WageFrom 1 April 2022
Age 23 and upwards£9.50 per hour

Employment Tribunal Awards

Compensation Limits in the Employment TribunalFrom 6 April 2022
Limit on a weeks pay£571
Basic award in unfair dismissal – capped at 30 weeks pay£17,130 max
Compensatory award in unfair dismissalThe lower of £93,878 or 52 weeks gross pay
Statutory Redundancy Pay – capped at 30 weeks pay£17,130 max
Breach of right to be accompanied – capped at 2 weeks pay£1,142
Breach of flexible working regulations – capped at 8 weeks pay£4,568
Failure to give contract of employment – 2 or 4 weeks pay£1,142 max or £2,284 max
Breach of contract claim in the tribunal£25,000
Failure to inform or consult – collective redundancy (actual gross pay)90 days pay
Failure to  inform or consult – TUPE transfer (actual gross pay)13 weeks pay

Current Vento guidelines for Injury to Feelings Awards – as at 6 April 2022

Lower band£990 – £9,900
Middle band£9,900 – £29,600
Upper band£29,600 to £49,300

The caps on compensation and on a week’s pay are not applied in certain limited circumstances, for example whistleblowing claims and failures to consult under TUPE and in collective redundancy matters. There is no cap on compensation for claims for discrimination (see guidelines above for Injury to Feelings Award).